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UpTodd 8

The Importance of Early Brain Development in Children: The Role of Scientific Toys and Early Intervention

the importance of using scientific toys and early intervention to support their

by Dr. Jaideep Gupta


UpTodd 1

Transform Your Toy Investment for Baby's Genius Enablement with Personalised Parenting & Toys

Get the most out of your INR 17,000-27,000 toy investment for your baby's growth

by Dr. Bharti dubey


UpTodd paranting1

Personalized Approach to Child Development - Indian Parenting Styles | UpTodd

Learn about the importance of a personalized approach in child development

by Dr. Souvik Ghosh


UpTodd 3

Brain Development Activity For Your Baby

A child's brain undergoes development from the time they are born. This developm

by Dr. Souvik Ghosh


UpTodd 2

Right Brain Education - How To Implement?

We all know that our brain is partitioned into the left and the right side

by Dr.Tanya Gupta


UpTodd paranting2

Synaptic pruning in babies, how to handle?

Synaptic pruning is a cycle inside the cerebrum that reduces the available numbe

by Dr. Bharti dubey


UpTodd 6

Parenting course can boost babies Cognitive development?

In the present time, nobody thinks that infants are not capable of understanding

by Dr.Tanya Gupta


UpTodd 7

Raising Superstars at UpTodd

Each baby on this planet is extraordinary in its manner. The right direction

by Dr. Mugdha Patil


UpTodd 5

Newborn Toys - Expert Suggestions for Newborn Toys

Newborn toys, there is an endless array of toys you can choose for your precious

by Dr. Souvik Ghosh


UpTodd 4

Montessori Toy - How To Decide Montessori Toys For Your Toddler?

Learning is an essential part of a child's life where the child's personality is

by Dr. Souvik Ghosh


UpTodd blog_20

Common pregnancy health problems

There is a possibility of complications in every pregnancy. You might be having

by Dr. Mani Kapoor


UpTodd blog_11

Impact of environment & people well being on baby’s development

The well-being of children is dependent on both the well-being of the environmen

by Dr. Souvik Ghosh


UpTodd blog_1

How music plays a major role in child's growth

Music can be informative, teaching children where they're going in their day, or

by Dr. Mugdha Patil


UpTodd blog_15

Caring a Newborn baby - A detailed guide to care for your newborn baby

The birth of your child marks a special joy in your life and opens up a whole ne

by Dr. Souvik Ghosh


UpTodd blog_14

Pregnancy diet to ensure healthy mother for a healthy baby

There is really no greater joy than the "feeling" of life within you. The immens

by Dr. Kirti Malhotra


UpTodd blog_11

Impact of culture and environment on the baby’s growth

Arnold Gesell, America's premier pre-WWII paediatrician, conceptualised motor gr

by Dr. Jaideep Gupta


UpTodd blog_13

How to do right parenting, as its the foundation of children’s healthy development?

Decades of studies have shown that the parent-child dyad and the family environm

by Dr. Jaideep Gupta


UpTodd blog_12

Cognitive development - A necessity in first five years of the birth

Babies grow and develop rapidly in the first five years in the four main areas o

by Dr. Harsh Mishra


UpTodd blog_10

Parenting, the impact of the home environment on early child neurocognitive and emotional development

Studying intelligence is difficult, in part because it can be described

by Dr. Bharti dubey


UpTodd blog_2

Baby toys for toddlers’ cognitive development

In a research conducted by researchers from the psychology department of Tufts U

by Dr. Deepak Gehlot


UpTodd blog_1

Prenatal Music Exposure : Cognitive effects and baby development

Prenatal music exposure causes long-term cognitive effects and development.

by Dr.Tanya Gupta


UpTodd blog_7

Garbhsanskar:- Nurturing baby with care and love

Garbhsanskar is as divine as it sounds. Garbh means "womb" and Sanskar means "e

by Dr. Mugdha Patil


UpTodd blog_6

Pregnancy diet : Healthy diet for healthy baby

For your baby to grow and develop, good nutrition during pregnancy

by Dr. Mugdha Patil


UpTodd blog_3

Perfect Baby Care: A stressful topic for every mother. How to do baby care for perfect cognitive development?

Babies not only develop physically but also cognitively (mentally) throughout

by Dr. Tanya Gupta


UpTodd blog_8

Screen Time impacts on kids’ and babies’ growth, how to avoid it?

Multiple studies are done around screen time but overall none gave any major pos

by Dr. Deepak Gehlot


UpTodd blog_9

Intelligence is genetic or due to environmental factors

Multiple studies are done around screen time but overall none gave any major pos

by Dr. Mugdha Patil


UpTodd blog_4

Essential exercises and physical activity during pregnancy

Keeping physically healthy and active during pregnancy provides many health bene

by Dr. Tanya Gupta


UpTodd blog_5

How to conceive for a healthy baby: Naturally Conceive, Stress Relief, and Yoga

Research by Mayo Clinic, USA, and scientists at Oxford Academic, if a fertile co

by Dr. Deepak Gehlot


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