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UpTodd Research Centre

The UpTodd R&D research hub is leader in early intervention and stimulation of baby’s development

The hub focuses on bringing on curating program to give best toolkit to New Age Parent

A UpTodd Team of highly-skilled & experienced professionals from IITs, AIIMS, MIT(USA) etc.

The R&D Centre Teams

uptodd R&D

The R&D Centre Teams

UpTodd's Top Quality research team works on modern state of the art methodologies and research papers to curate and develop top neural musics, activities, sessions along with transformational wood & paper based kit as per child’s developmental needs for 5X growth boost, specially prepared in UpTodd's Lab for your baby

uptodd R&D

The Science

uptodd plasticity
1 Million neural connections forms every second in the child's brain, serve and return interactions shape brain architecture.

Providing your child with a broad range of meaningful experiences helps reinforce fundamental brain connections.

The brain eliminates weak connections and strengthens the ones that are reinforced, with a process called Prunning. Brain plasticity to Learn is at peak during early years of development

Montessori Wooden & Paper Toys, Flashcards, Activities, Musics, Scientific Leraning books with Audio etc. like 300+ materials, everything we provide to give perfect brain and holistic architecture for your child.

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Meet our Mentors & Curators | 100+ Curators R&D Team

Krishna Vedula

Krishna Vedula

Professor, MIT, United States

Dr. Jaideep Sharma

Dr. Jaideep Sharma

MBBS & MD, AIIMS, New Delhi

30+ years of experience

Dr. Sourojit Gupta

Dr. Sudhanshu

MD, DSMA CMC Vellore

10+ years of experience

Prof. Manoj Mondal

Manoj Mondal

Professor, IIT Kharagpur

Richa Singh

Richa Singh


CPO, UpTodd

Studies and Contributors
Studies and Contributors

Our Philosophies

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Personalisation as Core

We believe and found that every child is special and unique, their developmental needs are unique so customised solutions are designed for the baby to boost 5X growth

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360 Degree Environment

Entire packages are designed keeping each and every aspect in mind around early stages of development, from toys to wallpapers, sound a baby listen to entire planning for parents as per their schedules

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Multi Level Kit Approvals

Personalised kit & solutions, goes through a 7-Step approval process to cater best and world class features to the baby, 99% personalisation assurance as per child’s developmental needs

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App Personalisation as Priority

We priorities entire app personalisation as per child;s growth needs, entire team dedicates deep effort towards it to ensure all the section of app adds value in child’s 5X growth boost

What Makes Us Unique

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UpTodd Personalisation

We provide 1-1 growth sessions, and expert keeps in touch with parents for 24*7 in the entire developmental journey of the child

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Top Rated Global Team

Our team comprises of profs, docs, researchers, professionals with 50+ years of experience, analysing 1000+ research paper in last 100+ years and integrating if with modern methodologies to empower parents with Best ToolKit

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Personalised Wood/Paper Kit

We understand the child’s developmental needs, work life balance and environment at home, to curate the learning environment by sending highly personalised mega kits for the parents, linked via. App and made up of wood & paper based montessori toys.

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Personalized 30+ Features APP

App specially designed and curated for you with all latest advanced 30+ features developed precisely by our R&D team to cater all your parenting needs for child’s developmental boost and development of the baby.

Recommended by Top Doctors & Professors

Dr Jaideep Sharma

Dr Jaideep Sharma, AIIMS, 30+ yrs experience

This uptodd program is special, we have closely worked to bring best for babies from mother's womb to 36 months of age. As this is the age when 95% of brain gets developed and from micro sized cells a baby gets 13-16 KG weight. You can train everything as per your desires and goals.

Prof Krishna Vedula

Prof. Krishna Vedula, MIT USA

Global educational setup is in dire need of early cognizance, this program fills those shoes and nurtures babies for readiness to have a strong educational foundation. Baby learns fastest in prenatal and first 3 years, you need to capatilize it.

Prof Manoj Mondal

Prof. Manoj Mondal, IIT Kharagpur

Childhood learning and cognizance at home are roots for success, this program is defined to give best for your baby and awaken their hidden genius. I believe this will help the generations, and aware parents will get most benefits from this program.

Dr Vaishali Sharma, Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist

Dr. Vaishali, AIIMS, Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist, 12+ yrs exp.

In the womb baby's 25% brain gets developed, every mother deserves right care so their baby can have those qualities which they dream off. every baby has immense potential to become bet, Its all about how we nurture. UpTodd ensures you achieve bigger and better goals.

Dr Sudhanshu Singh

Dr Sudhanshu,MD, DSMA Russia, CMC Vellore, 10+ yrs exp.

Cognitive development of your baby is way more important than whatever education you provide to your child. You can set up the foundation in first 3 years, at Uptodd more than 1000+ experts added their experience to give you best as per your dreams and desire.

Dr Mani Kapur

Dr Mani Kapur, MBBS & PG, Gynaecologist, 22+ yrs experience

Pregnancy phase is very important, fastest growth of the baby's brain happens in the mother's womb. Right stimulation during pregnancy not only helps mother but also babies as well. This is an amazing program for the bright future of your baby.

Dr Saurabh Khanna Pediatrician

Dr Saurabh Khanna, MBBS & PG, Pediatrician & Neonatologist, 16+ yrs experience

Every baby is special, so personalised care under doctor's observation is important, if it's done rightly then it can do wonders for the growth of the baby. Uptodd is doing a great job in providing amazing services to babies and their parents.

Dr Sarvesh Thakur

Dr Sarvesh Thakur, MBBS & PG, Pediatrician & Neonatologist, 15+ yrs experience

Developmental growth right after birth to 3-4 years is fastest and important. Parents need to be very careful as roots are built during this phase. We at Uptodd take care of everything around the baby under doctor's observation for best growth of the babies.

Dr Vipul Sehrawat

Dr Vipul Sehrawat, MBBS, MD Radio-Diagnosis, MAMC, 6+ yrs experience

I have a specialty in the field of fetal and obstetrics ultrasound, UpTodd provides complete cognitive care for babies from mother's womb to 48 months, which is quite essential to lay a strong foundation for assured future of the babies.

Dr Aditya Sharma

Dr Aditya sharma, M.Ch. & MS, Apollo, 10+ yrs experience

Cognitive development at the right age helps a human being to enhance the potential by 300% times. UpTodd provides the much required high quality environment for babies from mother's womb to 48 months of age.

Dr Rohit Kalani

Dr Rohit Kalani, MBBS, MD, Neonatologist, 10+ yrs experience

We at NICU regularly see the babies suffering from neuro disorder where right stimulation therapy and environment at home can be only possible support, also we have seen the wonders of stimulation therapies. So, products designed at uptodd are amazing for babies for right neurological growth and well being.

Dr Jaideep Sharma

Dr Jaideep Sharma, AIIMS, 30+ yrs experience

Future of a person can be secured, only if they are grown well from the pregnancy stage. Rapid neurological development happens from the mother's womb to 48 months and an efficient environment can ensure a better future

Prof Krishna Vedula

Prof. Krishna Vedula, MIT USA

Global educational setup is in dire need of early cognizance, UpTodd fills those shoes and nurtures babies for readiness to have a strong educational foundation

Expert Talks

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any screen time for the child in the program?

UpTodd's entire approach needs ZERO screen time for the baby, and we also offer high-quality, copyrighted UpTodd learning books and story builders to help you cut down on your child's screen time if he or she already has it.

How pricing of UpTodd is justified with respect to others?

UpTodd programme costs between INR 2000 - 3500 per month, and includes sets of Wooden UpTodd copyrighted toys, flashcards, wallpapers, learning books, and more, as well as a large pool of 30+ features based powerful parenting App, personalisation, and developmental support under top-rated expert guidance.
Whereas most firms charge INR 6-7K for a three-to-four-week simple parenting programme with no personal support and flashcards like a normal kit, we spend additional INR 6-7K for developmental toys with no App linked high-quality materials.
Uptodd not only provides quality, but also a cost-effective solution with complete customisation. Uptodd's charges are all inclusive of GST, showcasing the company's affordable and dependable pricing with a 100% satisfaction record.
Rest visit product details And UpTodd’s research hub to know more about the quality being served

How much time will I require to invest in a day?

Our research team created this programme specially for new parents, so all you need is 10 minutes a day, and if you can offer 20 minutes on weekends, it will help the child tremendously. As a result, time will never be an issue because the programme is totally customised for working parents.

Will it not be too much for my baby?

From birth to three years, babies learn more than we adults do because their brain plasticity is at peak, which allows them to learn more efficiently. Additionally, the entire programme is designed to establish a wonderful exploration world for the baby, free of pressure and stress. Everything is set up in such a way that babies can enjoy and learn, as babies can never be forced to learn.

What is the ideal age to join this program?

Any baby who is in the mother's womb or is less than 36 months old can join our program, the earlier you join the more benefits and advantages you have.

Can I join the Program as a Prenatal mother?

Yes you can as impact starts from the prenatal phase. We provide a free basic Garbhsanskar APP to all prenatal mothers as part of the package since we appreciate prenatal mothers a lot.

How much time does it take to deliver?

Kit is designed and curated especially, so it takes max 20 days from the date of joining the program

Do kits contain flashcards and booster cards only, and what exactly will get in the Kit?

No, we provide very high quality wood and paper based app powered uptodd exclusive kit, please refer to details here

How many Kits do I get in the Mini Program and Super Program?

In Mini Program you get 1 Mega Kit which contains two sets inside it, 1st is for the first 3 months and the other set is for the next 3 months of the baby.

In the Super Program you get 2 Mega Kit where each Kit contains two sets inside it, 1st is for the first 3 months and the other set is for the next 3 months of the baby. Each Mega kit is delivered at the Gap of 6 months.

Here we get material exactly as mentioned in Brochure, and Product Description, all the materials are of very high quality with premium scientific methodology.

Does such programs and kits really work?

Babies are born with over 100 billion neurons in their brains, and their brains develop 1 million synaptic connections every second. The stimulations we provide impact their ability to learn and shape brain architecture. The programme has evolved over decades of baby research and has resulted in numerous success stories that can be found on the website and on Google, and it is completely based on brain methodology-based science, as explained here

What is the science behind the program?

Please refer to Research Hub to understand this better and also we published multiple research review paper for the same.

What are the steps of enrollment?

You can choose any program as per your desire, then -

Step-1: Click on buy and enter your email-id, whatsapp number and name
Step-2: Apply coupon Code(if you have, any)
Step-3: Enter quick 3 details on payment gateway
Step-4: Now if you want to opt for Credit card based No Cost EMI options, then select offer and click on EMI option
Step-5: Complete the payment, and then you’ll get Machine Learning based Onboarding Form
Step-6: Enter developmental details and basic to customise the KIT and Program for you
Step-7: Login the App and Book your 1-1 MASTER Video Call with R&D team

Note -
A. Incase payment don’t succeed then you need to retry same
B. To prepare yourself and make most of 1-1 onboarding meetings better, please explore the App properly
C. Incase you don’t want then No need of turning ON your video in 1-1 Meeting
D. Babies Presence in 1-1 Meeting isn’t required as its to guide you

What are the outcomes I can expect from the program?

Thousands of next-generation geniuses have already benefited from the programme; you must have read the success stories featured to appreciate the magnitude of the results it can produce. It perfectly combines the proper parenting style with a beautiful collection of scientific content that has been particularly handpicked to ensure that your baby's brain architecture and holistic development are kindled on a solid foundation.
Uptodd has a strong research and development process, and we are the only organisation with its own research and development team, led by experts from IITs, AIIMS, MIT, and other prestigious institutions, to ensure that you are treated special and your baby's development is built on a strong foundation.

Who will manage my App and how will I be guided?

UpTodd’s research and development team adds a wonderful set of materials for the baby as per moving developmental needs of the baby every week in a gradual way, all the content is managed by heads of the research and development team of uptodd. Please refer
You will be guided by the developmental form we share every month, and you will receive a research and development report, as well as a one-on-one onboarding session in which you will be completely guided through the program's process. Then there's a high-quality ticket-based system that ensures you get perfect responses within 24 working hours, ensuring your baby has a strong foundation.

What kind of activities and things are provided in the App?

UpTodd provides you activities, sessions, music, boosters etc. like 30+ powerful features as listed in product features to strengthen babies brain architecture in the right shape.
Activities are designed in such a way that you can simply use household materials and invest just 20-30 minutes on weekends to complete them, and activities are constantly evolving with new set of activities being provided throughout your journey in uptodd every week as per your baby's growing needs to stimulate cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and other developmental aspects, but yes activity is just one part of the program

Is there a way to pay monthly?

If you have credit card then you can opt for no cost EMI options applicable for you as per steps given below -

Step-1: Click on buy and enter your email-id, whatsapp number and name
Step-2: Apply coupon Code(if you have, any)
Step-3: Enter quick 3 details on payment gateway
Step-4: Now if you want to opt for Credit card based No Cost EMI options, then select offer and click on EMI option
Step-5: Complete the payment, and then you’ll get Machine Learning based Onboarding Form
Step-6: Enter developmental details and basic to customise the KIT and Program for you
Step-7: Login the App and Book your 1-1 MASTER Video Call with R&D team

How Credit card EMIs work?

Credit Card EMI is a completely bank dependent process, where you need to carefully apply the offer. If an offer is applied you get complete interest as a discount and hence you pay just the principal amount. For example -
Let's say you brought Mini Program at INR 24000 and used 12 Month No Cost EMI offer on the payment gateway, then you just need to pay INR 2000 per month as your interest rate is borne by uptodd but there may be small INR 99-150 additionally charged by your bank which have to borne by you but entire interest rate is given as additional discount to you to ensure you get this in budget friendly option

Do I get telephonic calls and unlimited video calls in the program?

UpTodd has very strong customised process to give you robust support, where we follow following steps -

1. We provide Machine Learning lead form to understand the entire developmental status of the baby
2. We offer a one-on-one onboarding session to better understand the child's developmental needs as well as to explain each and every aspect of the app and how to make the most out of it.
3. Also, you get a special section named as app tutorial for ref. Incase you want to know it again
4. You get access to 24*7 ticket support option to raise unlimited tickets where you get replies within 24 Working hours from the R&D team with well discussed research backed replies to ensure you have full proof support. This support is completely exclusive on the APP available for you.
5. We provide you monthly developmental form for the baby, where milestones of the baby, and your convenience in the program is completely checked and then within 96 working hours, Research and development understand the report and provide proper tips, suggestions and help you to guide about the child’s development

So, this is the kind of support we provide you to ensure that no stone is left unturned with complete documentation of all the discussions, but we don't provide telephonic support or video call support beyond the 1-1 Master Video call because it isn't feasible to provide in the programme, although if any parent really wants to book, an additional INR 750 can be paid by the parent to book 30 minutes additional sessions with the R&D team, but it isn't required as we have built a very robust mechanism to provide support to you with all other features and kits in the program, where you pay very nominal fee to get this high quality service at UpTodd

Is there any certification which a parent gets?

Yes, In Premium programs - on the registered name, the parent gets super parenting certification every 3 months.

Why should I prefer uptodd toys and kit, if I can buy toys from outside

UpTodd toys and kits are customised completely on the basis of developmental milestones of the baby, secondly it's never easy to buy untested material from outside
Moreover, there are many scientifically proven and standard set toys and materials in the uptodd kit that aren't available anywhere else, so buying something from outside that might not be the best for your baby isn't worth it at all, so uptodd completely guides and provides completely relevant product materials for your baby's growth and development.

How are Uptodd flashcards, learning books and story builders different from others?

UpTodd Flashcards uses reflection technology to curate it in a way that seeks a baby's attention by stimulating the optic nerve, which normal flashcards cannot do. Additionally, UpTodd's cards are linked with an app tutorial where you are guided to co-relate stories and use steps to ensure that you get the most out of these flashcards. Additionally, there are two sorts of flashcards available: sensory and learning.
In the Mini program there are 3 sets of Learning and 2 sets of sensory flashcards, where each set contains around 20-30 reflection based high quality cards with app tutorials.
UpTodd's Learning Books and Story Builders stimulate the baby in three ways: through the UpTodd app for audio stories, reflection technology, and colour stimulations. These are designed in such a way that they can serve as a great substitute for screen time and provide imagination, social, and cognitive stimulation to the child.

Can babies as small as 1 month be supported in the program and these kinds of kits?

Every baby from 0 - 3 years old can join the uptodd program, at each stage different kinds of cards and setup is provided to the baby. Just to give an example -
Let's imagine your baby is two months old. We'll provide you a black and white learning story book because most parents understand the value of black and white colours in the first three years of a child's life. As a result, these learning books, combined with the stories in the app, provide ideal stimulation because the ear lobes of babies are active and they can listen. As a result, the baby's auditory lobes and vision-dependent approaches create a way to build one of the toy types. There are numerous scientific stimulations that can be provided, as a baby is born with 100+ billion neurons and that their learning rate is highest when the baby lands on Earth as an alien, but they learn on the basis of their surroundings, and we support that learning process for the baby in the programme by providing a perfect foundation.
Earlier you join, the better it is :)

Why is such a parenting program required, because when we were kids then nothing was required?

True, but when we were children, open skies, socialisation, pollution-free environments, NO TV, NO Mobile, nature, and so on were all available, whereas today's environment is different, with covid-like constraints, requiring special care for babies. Moreover, brain science claims that while requirements were present in that generation too, but now they are far greater.
Refer to this video and research report from Harvard University to know more about.

What all are customised features in uptodd?

UpTodd organises activities, routines, sessions etc. as per developmental status being shared to uptodd and they are customised accordingly for the baby.
Features like milestone tracker, recipe, diet suggestion etc. are age dependent by considering baby’s premature days into consideration

How to know which program suits my baby most?

On the basis of Age Group :
Prenatal mothers to babies till 2.1 years should prefer - Super Program
Babies from 2.1 years to 2.7 Year should prefer - Mini Program
Babies from 2.7 years to 2.11 Year should prefer - 28 Days Challenge

If you are facing budget issues or wanted to take a trial then can prefer 28 Days Challenge Program

Why is uptodd the most preferred program?

UpTodd has a highly strong research-backed team, with quality published research papers from top-rated professionals from IITs, AIIMS, MIT, and other institutions. Also, the Uptodd programme is the most cost-effective, costing only INR 2k-3K and covering all toy and parenting needs, as well as customisation, as none of the other programmes provide 1-1 video calls due to a lack of competent framework.
We openly discuss the science behind the programme, and our demo and counselling are provided free of charge because we do not want to put a financial burden on parents by asking them to pay for programme introduction because we are here to make an impact first and provide long-term services with a strong support structure.
This is why we are very open and disclose everything on our website, including any hidden programmes, terms, or conditions.
Refer to uptodd’s research hub and product description to know more about uptodd. Ranked-1 Parenting Program by 100openstartups

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