Vision for Lifelong Development

The UpTodd Luminary Pathway™ is not just a model; it's a transformative journey that prepares your child for a future of success, creativity, moral integrity, and intuitive mastery. By choosing UpTodd, you're not just selecting a program; you're embracing a pathway to illuminate your child's inherent brilliance.

Science-Backed Development

Unleash potential with UpTodd's research-powered learning kit. Personalized by 10,000+ studies, it combines engaging toys, stories & activities with a powerful app for a scientifically-backed journey to success.

Uptodd Luminary Pathway-Baby Brain Development Journey

Program curated by Medical experts, Researchers, & IITians

IIT,AIIMS,IIM,HARVARD Research Institutes

Five Pillars of the UpTodd Luminary Pathway™

Embark on the UpTodd Luminary Pathway™ today, and witness the remarkable growth and flourishing of your child's unique talents and abilities in an ever-evolving world
Parenting solution for baby cognition growth
Parenting solution for baby creativity growth

quote The brain is like a sponge in the early years, absorbing
information at an incredible rate

Patricia Kuhl, Co-Director, University of Washington

Parenting solution for baby Physical growth
Parenting solution for baby moral growth

World's only true personalised patent filed- One Stop Solution






107 International &
213 National Records



Parenting solution for baby intuition development
Parenting solution for baby brain growth

World's only true personalised patent filed- One Stop Solution

Science-Backed Approach: Rooted in Research

Developed using research from leading Global institutions & Organisations

Research analysed by institutions from

IIT,IIM,MIT,Harvard Research Institutes

and 35+ other top global institutions

Research analysed by institutions from

IIT,IIM,MIT,Harvard Research Institutes

Enriched with top research by

Research Backed Personalised Program for Baby Development

and 50+ other top global experts

Enriched with top research by

glenn-doman baby development expert

Glenn Doman

maria-montessori baby development expert

Maria Montessori

rudolf-steiner baby development expert

Rudolf Steiner

bf-skinner baby development expert

BF Skinner

loris-malaguzzi baby development expert

Loris Malaguzzi

howard-gardner baby development expert

Howard Gardner

diana-baumrind baby development expert

Diana Baumrind


Swami Vivekanand

jean-piaget baby development expert

Jean Piaget

From Inspiration to Impact:
Journey for the Luminary Pathway™

Unlike adults, children's minds are wonderlands of creativity. UpTodd's Luminary Pathway (TM), born from research & innovation, unlocks their potential: early language, music, memory, and more!
Experts in baby brain development

Collaborations with Leading Academics

AIIMS, IIT, MIT & Stanford experts combine medical, engineering, cognitive science & pedagogy to power UpTodd's innovative learning approach.

Experts in baby growth

Research-Backed Approach

UpTodd analyzed a century of research to create a program built on proven methods. Your child benefits from scientifically-backed learning, unlocking their full potential.

Research behind brain development

Unique Methodology

UpTodd's luminary pathway approach blends cutting-edge methods with proven strategies. This unique program fosters comprehensive early development in your child.

Technology behind baby brain development

Leveraging Technology

UpTodd's powerful app adapts to your child's needs, creating a personalized developmental experience by leveraging technology and research insights

Personalized program for baby brain

Unique Program for every Child

Discover UpTodd's research backed program, unmatched globally, unleashing your child's hidden potential. With our app and extensive Mega Kit, we provide a unique developmental jouerny to every child

Successful development of baby brain

Celebrating Success

Witness your child achieve milestones and unlock hidden potential with UpTodd's developmental approach - UpTodd's Luminary Pathway

Meet our Mentors & Curators | 100+ Curators R&D Team

Uptodd mentor Prof.Krishna Vedula MIT

Krishna Vedula
Professor, MIT, United States

Uptodd mentor Dr.Jaideep Sharma AIIMS

Dr. Jaideep Sharma
MBBS & MD, AIIMS, New Delhi

Uptodd mentor Dr.Sudhanshu Singh

Dr. Sudhanshu
MD, DSMA CMC Vellore

Uptodd mentor Prof.Manoj Mondal IIT KGP

Manoj Mondal
Professor, IIT Kharagpur

Uptodd mentor Richa Singh IIT BHU

Richa Singh

UpTodd™ has been Featured In

Recommended by Top Global Experts

Vetted & Backed by 100+ Doctors, Educationists, Parenting Experts & Professors
Baby brain growth expert Dr.Jaideep Sharma

Jaideep Sharma

Doctor, AIIMS, 1981 Batch

It maximizes baby potential from womb to 5 years, impressive solution.

Baby brain development specialist Krishna Vedula

Krishna Vedula

Prof. MIT (USA)

This addresses the global need for early intervention, maximizing babies' learning potential from prenatal to age 5

Baby brain development expert Manoj Mondal

Manoj Mondal

Prof. IIT Kharagpur

Home learning shapes success. This program unleashes your baby's abilities, benefiting future generations & informed parents

Baby brain growth expert Vaishal Sharma

Vaishal Sharma

Doctor, AIIMS, IVF Spec.

In first 5 years, 90% of the baby's brain develops. UpTodd is doing great tech & research work to nurture babies

Baby brain development specialist Sudhanshu Singh

Sudhanshu Singh

Doctor, MBBS & MD, CMC Vellore

Your baby's early brain development is key. UpTodd, backed by the expertise of over 1K professionals, nurtures their genius during the first 5 years

Baby brain growth specialist Mani Kapur

Mani Kapur

Doctor, MBBS & PG, Gyno

Pregnancy is crucial; the baby's brain grows fastest in the womb. Also, Post-birth stimulation is vital for nurturing the baby's genius.

Baby growth specialist Saurabh Khanna

Saurabh Khanna

Doctor, MBBS & PG, Pedia

Every baby is born a genius, needing personalized care for optimal growth. UpTodd excels in nurturing babies' brain abilities & supporting parents.

Baby Development Specialist Sarvesh Thakur

Sarvesh Thakur

Doctor, MBBS & PG, Pedia

From birth to 3-4 years, crucial developmental growth occurs. UpTodd ensures perfect baby growth with comprehensive care.

Baby Growth Expert Vipul Sehrawat

Vipul Sehrawat

Doctor, MBBS & MD, MAMC

With expertise in fetal ultrasound, I see the importance of early cognitive care. UpTodd provides best care from womb to 60 months for a solid foundation.

Infant brain growth expert Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma

Doctor, M.Ch. & MS, Apollo

UpTodd fosters 300% potential growth through high-quality care from womb to 60 months, world's first one stop solution

Infant growth specialist Rohit Kalani

Rohit Kalani

Doctor, MBBS & MD, Neonatol

At NICU we see the impact of stimulation therapy. UpTodd's products supports it perfectly for babies

UpTodd™ Genius Premium Program

Exclusive Mega KIT + World's only True Personalised APP + Brain dev. Report & Support from World's Top Experts

Dedicated R&D Team Care

Research Backed Growth System

Personalised Organic Mega Kit

One-Stop Personalised APP

Holistic Tracking & Brain Reports

Recognitions & Certifications

Super Premium Program

1 Year Personalised Program

(2 Mega Personalised Kits : Total 4 Sets of Kit, covering 3 Months each)

USD 44 Per Month

USD 519 USD 1,475

Standard Premium Program

6 Months Personalised Program

(1 Mega Personalised Kits : Total 2 Sets of Kit, covering 3 Months each)

USD 57 Per Month

USD 339 USD 850

Want to know more about program see here

Curated Just for You: Mega Kit at Your Doorstep

World's only true personalised system

Personalised Baby Kit

SAMPLE Personalised KIT

UpTodd™ Genius Premium Program

Exclusive Mega KIT + World's only True Personalised APP + Brain dev. Report & Support from World's Top Experts

Dedicated R&D Team Care

1-1 Video Call, Unlimited 24/7 Support, & Immediate Elementary Resolutions

Personalised Organic Mega Kit

Personalised Organic Mega Kit

Covering UpTodd Exclusive Toys, Sensory Cards, Story Builders & much more

>One-Stop Personalised APP

One-Stop Personalised APP

Research Backed Brain Development Plans to Nutrition everything at one place

Research Backed Growth System

Research Backed Growth System

Neural Musics, Personalised Activities, Memory Boosters, like 30+ powerful features

Brain Reports

Holistic Tracking & Brain Reports

Real-Time trackers and baby brain development reports for personalisation

Recognitions & Certifcations

Recognitions & Certifcations

Luminary pathway certifications & globally recognised certifications of baby achievements

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