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pregnancy exercises

Pregnancy Exercises and Yoga

by Dr.Tanya Gupta

FEB 12, 2020

Keeping physically healthy and active during pregnancy provides many health benefits to women, including psychological betterment, improved aerobic fitness and a lower risk of overweight gain. For most pregnant women, daily physical activity benefits the mother as well as the unborn child. Pregnant women will feel changes when they stay active during pregnancy. Women attain numerous benefits from physical activity during pregnancy-

  1. Feel good as your body is changing.

  2. Promote the tone, flexibility and strength of the muscle

  3. Promote circulation of blood and probably hopefully prevent varicose veins.

  4. Improve your balance and coordination, which is very necessary when your centre of gravity changes.

  5. Sleep better.

  6. Manage anxiety and stress.

  7. Prepare the body for childbirth and delivery.

According to the 2018 American Physical Activity Guidelines, a moderately vigorous aerobic activity should be performed by healthy women with no complicated pregnancies at least 2 hours and 30 minutes. Women who frequently participate in the aerobic exercise of vigorous-intensity or high levels of physical activity should discuss their level of activity during their pregnancy with their health care provider. It's always a good idea to include moderate-intensity physical activity during pregnancy, even if you did not exercise before pregnancy. Health benefits of physical activity during pregnancy include decreased risk of unnecessary gestational weight gain and disorders such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, preterm birth, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis. Some studies show that physical activity during pregnancy is associated with reduced complications during pregnancy. However, intense leisure activities are associated with decreased birth weight. Psychological benefits of physical activity during pregnancy include reduced fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improved well-being. From a public health viewpoint, women who are active during pregnancy are more likely to maintain their physical activity during post-pregnancy periods.

Physiological responses to exercise are all greater during pregnancy than during prepregnancy, such as changes in heart rate, cardiac output, breathing, and energy expenditure, and can become more noticeable as pregnancy progresses. Change in hormones increase the joint laxity that can result in an increased risk of injury to a woman . Physical activity is required to reduce the risk of injury to both the mother and the infant. The World Health Organization 's Recommendation on Physical Activity suggests that adults aged 18 to 64 years should participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity over a week (at least 10 minutes) or at least 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise or an equal combination of two. The guideline notes that pregnant women should need special care and should seek medical advice before considering any guidelines.

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