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Raising a Baby with Love and Care

Garbhsanskar:- Nurturing baby with care and love

by Dr. Mugdha Patil

SEPT 15, 2020

GARBH SANSKAR – Garbhsanskar is as divine as it sounds. Garbh means "womb" and Sanskar means "ethics" or "values" Parenting your child and teaching ethics inside the mother's womb can be the most blissful experience that any parent can imagine. The greatest evidence of Garbh Sanskar's spiritual journey is our historical background. During pregnancy, the mother maintains a healthy balanced diet that helps to develop a strong , healthy placenta that determines the birth weight and future health of the child in adult life. Likewise positive emotions like affection, excitement, gratitude and healthy thought parents bring the unborn child to the womb of the mother, while negative feelings, depression and stress affect the unborn child.

The purpose of garbh sanskar is to educate the child in the womb. It is believed that the education of moral, traditional and spiritual values begins right from the moment the foetus is conceived in the womb in Indian culture and, especially in Hinduism. Science has shown that babies in the womb will benefit from Garbhsanskar in early stages. The mother's relationship with the baby starts right from the moment of conception. And as it develops in the womb, the baby listens to the mother and knows her emotions. This is why the transfer of positive thoughts, positive energies, and emotions to the baby (and the pregnant woman herself) is important. By listening to good music, reading material that encourages positive thought, meditating, practising yoga and much more, the mother can influence the baby's first thoughts.

Good thought and action encourages the emotional, physical well-being of the mother and the fetus during pregnancy and after pregnancy. The benefits of garbh sanskar are not only that you enlighten your baby's thoughts, but it also helps in the formation of a connection between the mother and the baby.

It is important to note that the wellbeing of mothers is directly related to the health of the baby. Not only their physical wellbeing, but also their psychological and spiritual health impacts the babies in the womb. The environment, food, activities, positive or negative thought, in fact, all that the mother is exposed to during pregnancy directly affects the infant. In the scientific technique of Garbh Sanskar, researchers advise to correct all related things in a positive way in order to achieve the best results for a child. Scientific Garbh Sanskar is focused on traditional practises and prepared after a lot of study, with the hope that children born with good health, intellect, love and culture will promise a bright future for our world, as babies are the real property of any family , society and nation.

Hence the concept of Sanskar (good thought) imparted right from prenatal stage i.e. when the child is in the womb of mother is important. It has been documented that the activity of the mother during pregnancy in the form of prayer (good rational thoughts), Manshakti (positive emotion), conversation with fetus (talk) or expressing feeling (touch) is not only recognized by unborn babies but it has positive effects on physical and mental health. Thus, such mental and physical activity performed by parents with the intention of creating a positive environment and obtaining a growth of the baby is called Garbh Sanskar. A Garbh Sanskar is an intentional activity which helps to develop an intuitive connection with the unborn baby.

To succeed in today's overgrown population and the ongoing race, our future generation needs to be very knowledgeable, resourceful and imaginative. Women 's influence has been greatly increased, and their value has been said by the proverb, "The hand that sparkles the baby, rules the universe." This power can be actively enhanced by Garbha Sanskar doing it to your baby.

People are understanding the value of Garbh Sanskar right now. The ancient idea of having many children has become obsolete. Today slogans like "Hum do hamare do" or even "Hum do hamara ek" are considered more common. Now it is important to carry this single child in a sophisticated form to make you proud of its exceptional and all-round qualities. This is why many Ayurveda Garbh Sanskar centres have been opened in our country. A young curious woman wishing to become parents would like to take advantage of this approach for their future baby to become a 'precious child.'

The best possible Garbha Sanskar can be more beneficial by means of sound in the form of mantras, shlokas, although the rhythmic sounds are conveyed very effectively by a child's subconscious mind. The vibrations of sound waves can affect both mother and unborn baby, hence, the music crafted for Garbha Sanskar is useful for the health and personality development of the baby.

In Ramayana, it was found that before the birth of Lord Rama during 'putra kameshti yagna,' the Agni devata gave King Dashratha 'payas' which can only be considered a kind of 'Garbh Sanskar.' There is also a well-known mythological narrative in Mahabharat about how Arjuna taught Abhimanyu to enter 'chakravyuha' when he was in the womb of his mother, Subhadra. This history, too, proves the fact that people also believed the idea of Garbh Sanskar during the mythological period. According to Charakacharya the mind of the foetus is completely assimilated with its parents, whatever stories, songs and music a pregnant woman listens also affect the mind of her baby in the womb. Clearly, if you want your child to be well behaved with an exceptional and imaginative mind, the pregnant woman should give up negative thinking, but on the opposite, she should always listen to things that can affect her mind with positive thoughts and healthy sanskars.

"It has also been scientifically accepted that the subconscious mind of the foetus can be more powerfully affected than the conscious mind of the adult child after birth."

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