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How To Choose the Best Montessori Toys For Your Baby

Montessori Toy - How To Decide Montessori Toys For Your Toddler?

by Dr. Souvik Ghosh

Dec 8, 2022

Learning is an essential part of a child's life where the child's personality is developed, which helps him in his life. Right from the beginning, the type of learning given to a child is responsible for building his attitude towards life and other things and his intelligence to grasp and understand things. The material and equipment used to impart this learning are necessary for the environment.

How To Choose the Best Montessori Toys For Your Baby

Learning starts for children right from the Montessori level. The activities and toys used then help to build a lot of the child's intelligence and grasping power. When these toys and activities are clubbed together, children can benefit the most.
But how about some actual examples of Montessori toys? What are they? Montessori toys range all across the map, but you're probably already familiar with many of them because there truly isn't much difference between Montessori toys and many traditional toy classics beloved worldwide.

Montessori toys are automatically recognizable thanks to their simplicity, style, and practical usefulness, from building blocks to wooden or sandpaper letters. Every single toy can fulfill multiple tasks. Every toy instructs valuable life skills. And best of all--children love them.
Montessori toys come in various sizes, colors, and varieties, so it becomes easy for parents to choose the best supplier for their kids. These toys are very effective for making the kids understand letters and numbers so that they can remember them forever.

Things to Know Before Buying Montessori Toys

Should encourage creativity

Before buying the material, please find out how it will contribute to his sensory activities and experience. Kids love to color, variety, and creativity, so the selected inputs should appeal to their imagination and insight.

Check the quality

As told previously, the playthings serve as learning aids, so they conform to the safety parameters. But at your end, you should be twice more sure than otherwise. First, check the quality of the material, and see how strong it is. If screws are found attaching one part to the other, see if they would become loose or if the color will wear out with repeated use and application.

Must make the child active

The plaything selected should make the child physically agile and mentally active. While you can provide inputs that motivate him to sit in one corner and play, it is always better to find objects that facilitate learning by making him run, push and jump.

Plastic toys

Plastic toys are harmful to children. If you buy a toy, more people will be inclined toward plastic toys. It is very easy to turn a blind eye to wooden toys. Although it may seem at first glance that plastic toys are the better option, in the long run, it is not. It holds especially for young children and kids because plastic toys are often found to be intoxicated with lead and other harmful stuff. These brats will keep on licking and biting almost all their play objects. Avoiding plastic, metal, and painted toys from that list of things is better.

How To Choose the Best Montessori Toys For Your Baby

Electronic toys

Electronic toys cause language and developmental delays. Electronic learning toys are designed with a threefold purpose. First, they provide your children with entertainment. But at the same time, they help your child learn something about the world about them. Finally, they allow you to monitor your child's learning skills. Toys for older children can assist them in reading, writing, and math. And there are Interactive toys for older kids which can be connected to your TV where you, the parent, can check on your kid's learning progress.

Wooden & paper toys

Wood is a naturally made material that can be subjected to recycling. It means that aside from providing entertainment for your child, you can also proactively help prevent further environmental degradation. Moreover, children appear to be more attached to playing with wooden toys. Wooden toys are also more durable than their plastic or metal counterparts. Thus with proper care, it is possible to make these toys last an entire childhood and hand them down to their children. Wooden & Paper toys are safe. These toys carry with them a bonus that parents may not think about at the time, but many other people certainly do. Wooden toys will biodegrade if thrown away and won't simply sit in a landfill for millions of years. This bonus is becoming more critical for parents, but not to the degree that they stop buying plastic toys entirely. Another similar factor affecting the choice of buying toys is the fact that the production of plastic toys produces toxic chemicals as waste products of the processes necessary, meaning the atmosphere is slowly being filled with more and more chemicals with every plastic toy.

Developmental needs

Every toddler has unique developmental milestones, so assessing them and customizing the toys is essential. Toy decisions should not be based on your attraction but should be found on the baby's developmental needs. According to the experts, these different types of material also encourage them to participate in various activities. It pushes their limits and plays a significant role in bringing their talent to the forefront. Whether in the classroom or among the children while playing, they always start thinking differently. They feel free to share their views without fearing what others will think about them. It builds up their sense of understanding and analyzing things intensely.

Find those which stimulate his sense organs

You can find materials that appeal to his sense organs with some research. Find out how the piece you selected will engage your child's attention. Materials that facilitate multi-sensory interaction are also helpful in reducing stress and eradicating temper tantrums.

Should be changeable

It will help if you do some homework to find the right assortment of playthings that can also be used as your child matures and ages. Also, find those which are changeable and thus can be used later on during the next phase of his development.

Should motivate learning

Before buying the piece, see if your child can use it to solve a task or a problem. Some playthings, including fabric swatches, silence games, and essential tablets, induce children to think critically. Find out how the piece would contribute to your child's learning and skill-building process.


Always remember that your child should be able to benefit from every activity that he or she does and develop one skill and multiple skills. Montessori Toy should be reasonable, and if you decide to expose your child to this device, always allot adult supervision and choose only appropriate toys. They should be played for a short time.

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About UpTodd

At UpTodd, we've carefully curated our approach by leveraging insights from over 10,000+ research papers and tapping into the expertise of professionals from prestigious institutions like MIT, Stanford, IITs, and AIIMS. Our program integrates techniques from globally recognized methodologies, including early stimulation from Glenn Doman, Montessori's emphasis on independence and exploration, Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences from Harvard University, Waldorf's holistic approach, the Reggio Emilia Approach's focus on creativity, indigenous parenting and mindful parenting. This comprehensive approach empowers babies worldwide to thrive and reach their full potential with evidence-based guidance.

Our Journey

In 2015, three passionate individuals embarked on a mission to uplift children's lives. As they ran an education-focused NGO, they uncovered a shared concern – young minds with untapped potential, hindered by foundational gaps.
After conducting extensive meetings with more than 5,000 parents of infants aged 0-3, which included their own families, a shared aspiration became evident: to provide brightest possible future to the child. But they observed challenges arising from the rapid pace of the contemporary world, leading to a decline in access to natural socialization & outdoor experiences that were once readily available. Additionally, there was a notable absence of guidance to help unlock the untapped potential of the babies.So, in collaboration with esteemed experts, We developed a tailored solution aimed at promoting brain development & delivering essentials. The results were astounding.
In 2019, UpTodd was born, accessible to parents in over 150 countries. We passionately believe that every child, regardless of their background, possesses boundless potential. We're here to guide you on a scientific and emotional journey to unlock it, by a customised program made for your baby.

Join us on this captivating journey, where every child is truly special, and every family's dreams matter.

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