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Music Exposure in pregnancy

Music Exposure in pregnancy : Cognitive effects and baby development

by Dr.Tanya Gupta

OCT 25, 2020

Benefits of music in pregnancy:

Prenatal music exposure causes long-term cognitive effects and development. Rather than being born as a 'blank slate,' the infant has remarkably significant experience in the outer environment. In particular, infants seem to learn and react to sounds during the prenatal stage and respond to them after birth. Toddlers, for example, tend to identify common sounds and melodies from the pregnancy environment, differentiate between the mother's native language and other person languages, and to identify the mother's voice from the voices of other women. It was proposed that prenatal learning enhances early childhood language learning and provides the basis for connection. Prenatal auditory learning, autonomic reactivity and processing of sensory information is soon to be possible after the onset of hearing in humans at 4-6 month of gestational age (GA), when external auditory input begins to restructure the auditory cortex.

Unborn babies can be experienced and recognize high-pitched sounds as adult listeners can understand speech sounds when they are attenuated just like the external sounds in the uterus. Excessive stress may have adverse effects on foetal development in pregnant women. Music and singing have a calming influence on both the pregnant mother and the unborn child and help to a safe and happy baby after birth. In maternal communication, music is an important component. Listening to a soothing song or singing lullabies transfers relaxing chemicals into the placenta and across the body, facilitating connection and calming. Early brain development in the foetus can be stimulated by listening to all forms of music because music facilitates connections between neurons in the brain. Listening and hearing music activates the brain of the foetus and helps in the development of brain structures. Scientists have shown that an unborn child can understand the voice of their mother, their native language, and even begin to recall word patterns and rhymes in the third trimester.

Benefits of music in pregnancy:

Mozart may not make your little one any smarter, it may make their brain more active. Babies in the womb have shown increased brain activity when exposed to music. Amazingly, many research have shown that children are born with an innate ability to identify musical beats. More importantly, some research indicates that calming music may stimulate premature babies to eat, and may boost their vital signs such as heart rate and O2 saturation levels. Singing lullabies to infants has long been a matter of course for parents / caregivers.

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